Bloomberg Strikes Again!


Stand Up and Be Counted… Sign the Petition below and tell Mr. Bloomberg to end his assault on American jobs and energy!

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg recently committed $500 million to destroy the U.S. coal industry by expanding the Beyond Carbon campaign which “seeks to shut down every remaining coal-fired power plant in the country, slash natural gas plant capacity in half, and block any new gas plants, all within the next six years”. 

Petition to Support the Coal Industry for American Jobs and Energy Reliability

We, the undersigned, recognize the vital role that the coal industry plays in supporting American jobs and ensuring energy reliability and national security. We are deeply concerned about the negative impacts of transitioning away from coal, particularly considering Michael Bloomberg's Beyond Carbon campaign. Consider the following: 

Job Creation and Economic Growth: 

  • The coal mining and coal-fired electricity generation industries generate nearly $261 billion in economic activity and upwards of 381,000 jobs for American workers and their families. The total economic impact of coal mining does not end at the mine – it extends far beyond the portal and throughout the economy.
  • Coal additionally accounts for steel manufacturing and necessary infrastructure buildout and advanced carbon products used in everything from national defense to home construction. 

Energy Reliability: 

  • Coal is a reliable and resilient source of energy, providing a baseload power supply that is essential for maintaining a stable electric grid. Unlike renewable energy sources, coal can be stored and used as needed, ensuring a consistent and uninterrupted power supply.
  • Regional electric grid operators and energy experts forecast that the amount of planned electric generation retirements by 2030 exceed the amount of baseload power remaining online. The result? The U.S. will not have enough “reliable” energy production to meet demand.

Energy Independence: 

  • The United States has abundant coal reserves, making it a key player in global energy markets and reducing our dependence on foreign energy sources. By supporting the coal industry, we can strengthen our energy security and protect American interests.

We urge Mr. Bloomberg to immediately cease his efforts to destroy American jobs, regional economies, and the production of critically necessary, on-demand, reliable power.  

Furthermore, we call on policymakers, industry leaders, and the American public to recognize the importance of the coal industry for American jobs and energy reliability. 

America’s coal industry provides family-sustaining, generational careers, produces thousands of products foundational to the construction of our country’s infrastructure, and is the most reliable contributor to U.S. energy security and resiliency.