In the heart of West Virginia, coal mining is not just an industry; it's a proud tradition, a way of life, and the backbone of our communities. The Friends of Coal stickers are more than just decals; they are a symbol of the pride, resilience, and solidarity of West Virginia's coal miners and their indispensable contribution to our state and its economy.

Why Friends of Coal Stickers?

A Badge of Honor: For the miners who brave the depths of the earth to power our nation, these stickers represent honor and respect for their hard work and dedication.

Unity in Community: These stickers bring together miners, families, and supporters, creating a unified front that celebrates our coal mining heritage and advocates for the prosperity of the industry.

Economic Impact: West Virginia's coal industry is a critical economic driver, providing jobs, supporting local businesses, and contributing to community development. Friends of Coal stickers help highlight the industry's vital role in our economy and the lives of our people.

Environmental Stewardship: Contrary to common misconceptions, the coal industry and its communities are deeply committed to environmental conservation and responsible mining practices. These stickers also symbolize our commitment to a sustainable future, where coal plays a key role in balanced energy strategies.

Get Your Sticker and Show Your Support

Whether you're a miner, a family member, a friend, or simply a supporter of West Virginia's coal industry, the Friends of Coal sticker is for you. Displaying this sticker on your vehicle, laptop, helmet, or anywhere else sends a strong message of solidarity and pride.

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