Celebrate Independence Day with Friends of Coal!

Happy 4th of July! In honor of this great American holiday, we are thrilled to introduce a special limited edition Friends of Coal sticker. This sticker embodies our pride in the coal industry and the crucial role it plays in powering our country.

Show Your Friends of Coal Pride

Displaying this unique sticker is more than just a symbol of support; it’s a statement of pride. By showcasing this sticker, you are letting everyone know that you stand with the industry that fuels our nation’s economy and keeps our lights on. Whether you’re in West Virginia or anywhere across the country, let your Friends of Coal pride shine.

Why It’s Important

The coal industry has been a cornerstone of American energy for generations. By supporting Friends of Coal, you are advocating for the hardworking men and women who ensure our country’s energy independence. This Independence Day, celebrate not just our nation’s freedom, but also the industry that helps sustain it.

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