Fresh off a busy weekend, a dedicated group of ladies gather to sort and unpack items at the Friends of Coal headquarters in Mabscott.

“We set up a booth where we sold our wares,” Judy Bays, director of public relations for the Friends of Coal Ladies Auxiliary explains.

An assortment of items such as shirts, license plates, stickers, umbrellas, blankets and ponchos — all branded with the FOC logo — are available for purchase at a variety of events and festivals. 

The biggest sellers at their most recent show, the annual Friends of Coal Auto Fair, Bays says, were cooling towels.

More than 400 cars ranging from muscle cars to customs from all years were registered for the Friends of Coal Auto Fair's 13th annual event.

The event took place at the Raleigh County Memorial Airport in Beckley — the second year the event has been at this location.