Usually it's easy to spot the tour-level rookie – he's the guy with the most white-space on his shirt.

Rookie Jeremy Starks – a Bass Cat and Evinrude pro from West Virginia – is somewhat harder to spot. That's because he joined the Bassmaster Elite Series this year with a full suite of sponsors, including a major backer that's turned him into a major spokesman.

And once he obtained that premier sponsor, other deals started coming through the door. It was a rookie's dream come true, and he did pretty much all of it outside his own back door.

Warren Hylton has a full plate.

A business owner, civic leader, loving husband, father and advocate for the state's coal industry and its young people, Hylton seems to have a hand in nearly everything.

Though many people know the Hylton family name - his father is businessman Tracy Hylton - Beckley-Raleigh County YMCA CEO Jim Gilchrist says he doesn't think the majority of southern West Virginians are aware of all the contributions the younger Hylton has made to the community and state.