The Register-Herald

By The Associated Press

Lumps of coal in a Christmas stocking would normally make a child cry.

But an eight-year-old Louisiana girl has had visions of coal dancing her in head. She will wake up this morning to find West Virginia coal under her tree — coal she actually requested from Santa Claus.

Moss Bluff, La., resident Randy Perkins said his eight-year-old daughter Devan learned about the benefits of coal — like how it provides heat and electricity for so many people’s homes. Devan fell in love with coal so much that she asked for it for her Christmas present — telling Santa Claus to forget about the toys for which she had asked.

The Wall Street Journal

By Nigel Lawson

The world's political leaders, not least President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Gordon Brown, are in a state of severe, almost clinical, denial. While acknowledging that the outcome of the United Nations climate-change conference in Copenhagen fell short of their demand for a legally binding, enforceable and verifiable global agreement on emissions reductions by developed and developing countries alike, they insist that what has been achieved is a breakthrough and a decisive step forward.

Just one more heave, just one more venue for the great climate-change traveling circus—Mexico City next year—and the job will be done.

Or so we are told. It is, of course, the purest nonsense. The only breakthrough was the political coup for China and India in concluding the anodyne communiqué with the United States behind closed doors, with Brazil and South Africa allowed in the room and Europe left to languish in the cold outside.

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