Let EPA Hear from Coal Mining Families Today!

Since the Obama Administration took office Jan. 20, 2009, Appalachia has been Ground Zero of a relentless assault on the coal mining industry. In the past five years, more than 3,500 coal miners and thousands of others in support industries have lost their jobs.

Today, as a result of the uncertainty created by these unrealistic policies and delaying behavior, the region is feeling the impact perhaps more than ever before. This new round of attacks by EPA is prematurely shutting down coal-fired power plants, jeopardizing more coal mining and mining-related jobs and raising utility rates for everyone.

Join us today and make your voice heard. Send EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy a message and let her know these policies are hurting real people – they are destroying the lives of Americans who just want to work, raise their families and build lives in the mountains they, and generations before them have called home.

Subject: Petition to EPA to Put American Jobs First! - EPA-HQ-OAR- 2013-0602

Administrator McCarthy,

I am writing today because I believe the EPA’s proposed greenhouse gas rules are a reckless and unnecessary gamble with the economy, energy prices and American jobs. These rules effectively block the future use of the most advanced coal technologies available and force the closure of hundreds of coal-fired power plants around the country. I believe that the closure of these baseload power plants will weaken the nation’s electric grid, lead to skyrocketing electric bills for all of us and put regions of this country at serious risk of blackouts and brownouts. Believe me, we, my family and friends, do not want to be without electricity and we certainly don’t want to pay more for it!

The EPA’s rules set unachievable standards for new coal-fired power plants based on technology the agency itself says is not currently available and makes it virtually impossible to continue to use existing ones. It also effectively imposes a future energy tax (although you won’t call it that) which will hurt consumers like me, my family and my community, while ultimately making it harder for the nation to create and maintain jobs. Coal generates 40 percent of the nation’s electricity and the EPA’s greenhouse gas rules will force our nation to abandon its most abundant and reliable source of domestic fuel. We are proud of our coal miners and all the people who depend on them and we want them to be able to keep working. For all of those reasons, I ask that you reconsider these ill-conceived and potentially dangerous rules and policies.