It is unconscionable to me that West Virginians anywhere could be so unwilling to accept the fact that coal built this state, and will continue to build it’s future, that they would stoop to protesting the Friends of Coal Ladies Auxiliary’s Coal in the Classroom program. My bet is, as with most environmental socialists, that they are not West Virginians at all, but transplants from another state. And to have the unmitigated gall to complain about “indoctrination” of our children, when these environmental socialists have been “indoctrinating” our children to their misguided and evil plans for the future of our nation for the last three decades at least, they are showing just how small-minded and vile they really are.

Mr. Webb should shut his mouth while his brain is disengaged for a change, and learn to accept the fact this nation simply cannot afford to pay for the socialist agenda, be it in the environmental arena or the political arena. Kudos to the Raleigh County Board of Education for their fair and balanced mindset for allowing our children to begin to see the real picture, and I hope they have the fortitude, which I doubt, to stand up to these repugnant environmental socialists and continue to allow our children to see the real world, and learn where our power really comes from.

Larry Hanna Jr.

Our Readers Speak — Dec. 31, 2009
Beckley Register-Herald

The link is to a video of Mr. John Coleman, founder of the Weather Channel, who presents a compelling argument for his love of the planet and the facts that demonstrate carbon dioxide is not causing "Global Warming."