EPA Agenda directed at States like West Virginia

WASHINGTON— Congresswoman Shelley Moore Capito (R-WV) recently reacted to the U.S. Senate vote on the Murkowski Resolution.   The Resolution of Disapproval was directed at EPA’s efforts to use agency regulation, rather than congressional legislation, to impose stringent restrictions on carbon dioxide emissions.   The vote failed 47-53.

“Although this vote failed, it is an important first step to letting EPA know that they cannot unilaterally set an agenda without the buy-in of the American people.  Members of Congress who represent coal areas must stand up and let EPA know that when making any decision they must take into account the real cost to families, their livelihoods, and plans for the future.
West Virginia is already feeling the burden of over regulation with no thought of our future.   I have co-sponsored similar legislation introduced in the House that would ensure Congress is the sole authority on climate change policy—not unelected bureaucrats at the EPA.  I am encouraged that my colleagues have joined my efforts to continue to make this country aware of the value of coal and its importance for energy security and economic growth.”

Congresswoman Capito recently created the Coal Caucus with 80 members of Congress to raise awareness of coal and its economic importance.