May 25, 2010

Mr Barack Obama

President of the United States of America

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW

Washington DC20500


Dear Mr. President Obama,


The United State of America is a truly wonderful country that we are so blessed to call home. These United States are intended to be exactly that…United. United and equal, treated the same in regards to the law. Not red states or blue states, not states to reward or to shun. Your job as President is to lead this great country in a united front towards progress. Instead, you’re presidency rewards those who supported your campaign and ideas, and punishes those who voted for the other candidate.


No, West Virginia citizens did not vote for you in 2008. In neither the primary or general elections. Why? I believe it is pretty obvious. Your attack on coal, and yes, I said YOUR attack on coal.



West Virginians are simple. That is a compliment by the way. We do what we say, say what we mean, and we believe what others say. And when we heard you making campaign promises across the country that you were going to close down the coal business, we believed you. We didn’t vote for you and now we are being punished for it.


Anybody with two rocks in their head knows that the EPA’s attempt to stop coal mining in West Virginia is not based on science or accurate research. It is politics, plain and simple. YOUR politics. Like I said before, we are being punished for not voting for you in 2008.


Recently, Lisa Jackson of the EPA stated her job was to worry about the environment, not jobs. I contend that she had better start thinking about jobs, because if we the citizens of West Virginia get our way  - she’ll need one in two years. As will you, Mr. President.


Mr. President, I respect you and your office and I thank you for serving our country. But, I didn’t vote for you in 2008, and I’m not voting for you in 2012. I’m voting for Coal, I’m voting for fairness, and I’m voting for the United States of America.


Thank you,


Daniel J. Hall