PATH is a joint venture between Allegheny Energy and American Electric Power (AEP) to build a new, high voltage, interstate transmission line that will go through West Virginia, Virginia and Maryland.


PATH will consist of a single 765-kV line that will begin at AEP’s John Amos Substation in Putnam County, West Virginia, pass through the proposed Welton Spring Substation in Hardy County, West Virginia, and end at the proposed Kemptown Substation in Frederick County, Maryland.

The transmission line will be approximately 276 total line miles, with approximately 225 line miles in West Virginia, approximately 31 line miles in Virginia and approximately 20 line miles in Maryland.

The project is expected to be completed with an in-service date of 2014 and cost approximately $1.8 billion.


If you would like to participate in educating your community about the importance of PATH, or you would like more information, please email them at

Petition to Support PATH Project

If you are supportive of PATH, we ask you to sign the PATH petition, which will be filed with the Public Service Commissions in West Virginia and Maryland and the State Corporation Commission in Virginia. We encourage you to sign it and join us in supporting a project that will help ensure reliable power for our future.