Innovate. Don’t eliminate.

That’s the commonsense position Senator Manchin takes when environmental extremists say we should do away with fossil fuels, and coal mining specifically.

What may be surprising is the coal industry and our utilities have been working to decrease emissions from our operations through innovation for decades. 

In fact, over 90% of all airborne contaminants have been eliminated, while the amount of coal used to manufacture electricity has tripled. 

This is a phenomenal and noteworthy record!

Unfortunately, industry detractors call for the immediate elimination of coal usage.  They deny any benefit to the approximately fourteen billion dollars in economic impact our industries provide to West Virginia and the workers we employ. 

They also deny the critical importance of fossil energy to assuring uninterrupted power, grid stability, and overall energy security. 

They choose to eliminate, not innovate.

West Virginia is demonstrating it’s possible to have a world class energy sector that provides jobs while being a model for employing carbon-reduction technologies.

A message from the Friends of Coal.