Lexington Coal Exchange Takes A Stand


Members and Friends,

Please read the foreword below from the Lexington Coal Exchange President, Joe Stearman and related emails that follow.  The PNC article that initiated this action can be found at the bottom of this email.  The action the Lexington Coal Exchange Board of Directors has taken is to move our checking account from PNC to another bank.  It is a small thing but it makes a statement.  Together we can make a difference.




Please advise our membership of the action we have taken to change banks in an attempt to signal our protest of PNC’s stance against our industry. We must “Stand Up for American Coal Jobs” and remind PNC Bank that “Coal Powers America”. Also by forwarding this message to our membership ask them to do what they can to support our action and to likewise do whatever they can do individually and corporate wide to make their feelings known as well.



PS. Let Friends of Coal and FACES know what we’re doing and ask for their support.

Here is the article.